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The Praise Team Band provides the music during the service.


Led by Marilyn Ozelius, the band is comprised of guitars--occasionally a mandolin--a bass, drums, and singers.

Each week, they play songs that are “kid” friendly and fun to sing for children and adults alike.


During the last song of the service, children grab tambourines, maracas, and other instruments

to get out of their seats, dance, and make some noise!

Marilyn Ozelius

Growing up, my house was always full of music. My parents loved to sing, and much of the time we had music playing in the background. This love of music led to my being part of many choirs over the years, both in school and out. I took piano lessons, and played the violin as well as the baritone ukulele, which later led to my picking up the guitar. I have a bunch of different string instruments, none of which I play well, but I have fun with!

I also really enjoy doing the music in the preschool where I teach. My ukulele is perfect for preschool kids. I was the original member of the Second Church First Service Band, and played alone for four years before I was joined by other band members. I have been blessed over the years by making music with many wonderful musicians. Being part of the Band has made my worship experience so wonderful! Praising God with music, and helping others do so too, helps keep my faith strong!

Jane Costa-Elliott

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, I was involved with church music all my life. As a teenager I played guitar and piano for Sunday School and Youth Group meetings. I also participated as a singer in many school musicals and concerts, and participated in a renowned Handbell Choir in Bakersfield, California for three years.

After much encouragement from my mother, I started out as a full-time Organist at the First Baptist Church in Hanson, Mass., in 1993, and also served as interim Choir Director. From there I was the Organist at First Baptist Church in Plymouth. In 2005, I was driving by Second Church, and there was a sign on the hill “Organist Wanted” and I felt in my heart that this is where God wanted me to be. I applied and have been the Organist/Choir Director ever since.

Chris Giacomozzi

Music has always been an integral part of my life. Mom and Dad both enjoyed music and singing so it was natural that their children followed suit. We sang in the car, at school, and in church. As teenagers we listened to records in the afternoon and could sing every song on each album we owned. We each took music lessons and were part of the All Elementary Orchestra and the School Band. My instrument was the flute. Unfortunately, I did not continue playing once I started working.

Fast forward to when my daughters were born. Once again music became part of every day. Sharing nursery rhymes and songs; making our own; finding music with positive messages; singing while doing projects together; connecting with the Junior Choir and eventually Band.

I believe in music’s power to connect us in a very special way. The last time my Mother and I were able to share words it was in singing “The Old Rugged Cross”. Mom had lost the ability to put words together but she was able to manage the words and tune. After that day, singing to her, not caring if any of the nursing home staff was listening gave me the courage to eventually add my voice to the Band. Today it is my joy to share my voice both in church and with the residents at Life Care of Plymouth. God is good! Make a joyful noise!!!


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