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Rev. Tom (TC) Coronite is Second Church's Interim Pastor while the church conducts a search for its next Settled Pastor.


An active member in the Massachusetts Association of Congregational Christian Churches, Pastor TC brings a diverse background and work history to Second Church. First ordained in the Roman Catholic tradition 35 years ago, Pastor TC has worked in many churches as Pastor, Youth Minister, Christian Education Director, and has served in virtually every office, board, and committee capacity a Congregational church can come up with!


His secular work experience includes 23 years as an air traffic controller, driving a food pantry truck, and teaching driver ed. He is a believer in solid, expository Biblical preaching. Also a former Chaplain for the Weymouth Fire Department, Pastor TC lives in Weymouth with his lovely wife, Trish, where they struggle to control their exuberant Yorkie, Henry.

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We believe that God calls us to be servants in the service of others and to be good stewards of the earth's resources. 'To believe is to care; to care is to do.'

I grew up in Manomet and have lived in the area my entire life--other than two years working at Walt Disney World. My husband, Darryl, and I have five children.


Working at the church feels like something I should have been doing all along. The entire church family are such welcoming people, I cannot imagine ever leaving.


My grandmother told me long ago, ”If you dread going to work in the morning, you need to find a different job.” So true! I have been with Second Church since June 2012, and I look forward to coming to work every day.


I love working with children! In my professional life I am a preschool teacher, and a swimming teacher, both of which I have been doing for MANY years.


I have been teaching Sunday School for many years also, beginning when my children were young. I have always felt blessed to be a part of the children’s program at Second Church.


When you come to worship with us, you will be greeted and welcomed by a church deacon. The deacons are responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church.

In addition to various administrative duties and care of the sanctuary, deacons take an active role during the service. You may also find them visiting members of the church community who may be sick or homebound.

If you have questions about the church, chances are that a deacon can point you in the right direction. Deacons: Marilyn Ozelius, Chris Giacomozi and Laurie Savery. Life Deacon is Debbie LaBreck. 


The Board of Trustees meets monthly to look after the physical and financial needs and duties of the church and parsonage. This may include management of plumbing and other building improvements, grounds maintenance and updating office equipment. 

Trustees include: Bill Dyer, Sherri Dyer, Ted Ozelius and Roy Zahreciyan. The Buildings and Grounds team includes Jim English and Dana Savery. 


Many members of the congregation support the church by serving on a committee.

Moderator: Bill Dyer


Treasurer: Jane Elliott-Costa

Co-Treasurer: Laurie Savery

Treasurer Living Gifts: Debbie LaBreck

Clerk: Jane Costa-Elliot

Collector: Debbie LaBreck

Missions: Nancy Carini, Linda Emo, Ruthanne Gellar and Jeanne Stone

Christian Education: Stephanie DeGrechie, Denise Luke and Lynda Whyte

Buildings and Ground Committee: Jim English and Dana Savery

Music Committee: Jane Costa-Elliott, Bill Dyer, Marilyn Ozelius and Karen Woodhall

Nominating: Sherri Dyer (temporary)

Stewardship/Public Relations: 

Hospitality Ministry: Roy Zahreciyan

Sanctuary Support: Laurie Savery